P.E. 6 - Boys


Students are able to participate and be exposed to activities and teams at various levels of competition and commitment. Our program structure provides every student a chance to participate in structured competition or learn a sport. They are given the opportunity to learn basic skills, improve physical fitness, learn rules and tactics, sportsmanship, and to work as a team.

Students work as a team, learn sportsmanship, and develop skills needed to participate in the variety of sports and teams by structured practices and expert coaching. The sixth grade program consists of the following sports: Intramural sports offerings include Dance, P.E., Swimming, Tennis and Water Polo. Interscholastic sports offerings include Coed Cross Country, Flag Football, Girls Softball, Swimming, Boys Basketball, Girls Soccer, Coed Water Polo, Boys Soccer, Baseball, Coed Tennis, and Girls Volleyball. Each student is able to pick four Intramural or Interscholastic sports per year and participate in our Cross Country Meets, Swim Meet, and Track and Field Meet.