Advanced Calculus II (H)


Advanced Calculus II (H) is a year-long course in which the content of a standard year-long college-level single variable calculus course is covered. The course begins with a review of the concepts of a limit and a derivative and their underpinnings. From there, it moves on to explore techniques and applications of limits and differentiation, analysis of functions, antiderivatives, Riemann sums, definite integrals (and their applications to modeling, area, length, and volume problems), integration techniques, solving and finding approximations to solutions for first order ordinary differential equations, the calculus of polar and parametric curves, sequences, tests for convergence of infinite series, power series, and Taylor series.

With some independent preparation, students who take this course may feel equipped to take the AP Calculus BC exam. This class is meant to prepare students to take a multivariable calculus class upon completion and offer them the same level of preparation for that multivariable calculus class as a standard college calculus course; therefore, it covers some content beyond the scope of the AP Calculus BC examination.

Prerequisite: Placement in this course requires the recommendation of the student’s Introductory Calculus (H) teacher or the recommendation of the student’s Introductory Calculus teacher with a strong performance on an additional placement test.