Modern Political Rhetoric (2S)


The United States is on the verge of one of the most consequential elections in American history. Seize the moment to become more politically aware and more confident in discussing politics. Improve your advocacy for political and social causes that are important to you. Now is the time to become the politico you were always meant to be! This course blends the study of political science and rhetorical analysis to assess the power of political persuasion to make history. To start, you will develop your own campaign to influence your peers regarding an issue important to you using a variety of expert-verified tactics and strategies. Then, by centering two key moments in modern American history – the HIV/AIDS fight of 1981-1996 and the modern environmental movement from 1969 to the present – you will study what it takes to bring about sustainable change across America. Through this historical inquiry, we will engage politicians and other political operatives to understand how to become effective change-makers with public language in social media, speeches, social movements, art, and other mediums. In successfully completing this course, you will become more knowledgeable about how political change is made and how you can become an ambassador for the change you’d like to see in our country.

Note: Honors option available to juniors and seniors.

Open to seniors and juniors, and sophomores if space is available.

This class is part of the Climate Concentration and counts toward the program’s requirement.