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Menlo IP provides students with meaningful opportunities to build on their previous coursework and to become knowledge creators and autonomous learners. IP students forge new ways to distinguish themselves in their studies during their high school years. Students shape interesting, thoughtful, distinctive academic explorations in one of four broad Fields of Study. View IP program requirements here on the “Menlo IP Program Overview” page.

The IP Capstone Seminar is required for all IP students. The course offers support, guidance, and inspiration for capstone projects in any one of the four fields of study. Modeling a form used in higher education, students work with a panel of thesis or final product advisors, write an extended paper or produce a video or website (in addition to reflective writing), and present their conclusions before faculty, family, and friends. In the first weeks of the course, our approach will be skills-focused rather than content-focused, meaning that students will develop and hone the skills needed to successfully envision, produce, and complete a long-term project of their design. Examples of skills we learn include: design thinking principles in the initial stages, pointers for effective research, advice for contacting professional experts, or setting up internships and field visits. Next, we move into the independent work phase, which will require taking initiative, attention to written and oral communication skills, and frequent check-ins for staying on track. Students are expected to meet a series of benchmarks at various stages of the project. The seminar also provides opportunities for collaboration and sharing among students. This is an honors course open to Juniors and Seniors.

To apply, students should complete this proposal form linked here.