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When the United Nations was founded in 1945, there were only 74 countries in the world. By 1960, just 15 years later, 40 European colonies in Asia and Africa had gained their independence. After centuries of political, economic, religious, and cultural subjugation, these new nations elected or appointed their own leadership and seized reins of authority for themselves. Many questions emerge from this crucial historical turn. Here are two essential ones: How did they do it? How did these new countries fare after independence? Join this class to find out through a lively comparative study of post-war India, Vietnam, Kenya, and Algeria. Students who take this class will exercise skills in historical discussion, reading, writing, and research, and will emerge with a wider and deeper perspective on the contemporary world.

Instructor: Ms. Hanson

Note: Honors option available to juniors and seniors.

Prerequisites: Open to juniors and seniors, and sophomores if space is available.