Applied Entrepreneurship


Menlo is situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley and yet do you know what it takes to bring a company from idea to IPO? In this exciting, project-based course you and your team will actually develop an idea into a viable product and start selling! Topics will include (to name a few) fundraising, the business plan, opportunity identification, business entity types, marketing, finance, business ethics, social entrepreneurship, and exit strategies. You can also expect frequent guest speakers from start ups, established companies, and VC firms. This class will meet during normal school periods, however, keep in mind that startups require your attention 24-7, and thus you will be expected to be “on call” all the time. Like entrepreneurship, this class is not for the faint of heart so please only sign up if you’re prepared to be all in. High risk, high return!

Prerequisites: This class is open to all juniors and seniors.

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