Cindy C. ’26

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Why I chose Menlo:

I chose Menlo because it is a very kind and caring community. You can ask any teacher for help and they won’t judge you at all. The teachers at Menlo are the kindest teachers on the planet. They’re your friends; you can share your thoughts with them and trust them.

Some challenges:

The biggest challenge I faced was asking for help. Many of the other students knew more than I did. I was embarrassed to ask questions in class. Many of the teachers encouraged me to ask questions and participate, but I was too scared of being judged. I was always behind and struggling with homework. But now, I try to participate and go to office hours so that I don’t struggle at all. It was a challenge that pushed me to not be afraid and ask for what I need to better understand my classes.

Favorite Menlo Class:

I never thought I would say this but I really like PE! I have started to enjoy it so much. The coaches encourage the students to do their best. They also encourage them to work on skills in great ways.

Why Menlo is special to me:

Menlo is very special to me because I’ve met so many different people. They feel like family. I count them as part of my family. If I had not chosen Menlo, I would never have known these people existed. We would never have met. Menlo is the best community!


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