Katie B. ’25

  • Bischof, Katherine

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There are a lot of fantastic schools in this area. Menlo School stood out to me because of the connection students have with teachers, how spirited the school is, and the strong balance between academic and extracurricular activities, like sports. Menlo is a place I felt I could challenge myself to grow while enjoying the experience. I am beyond grateful for choosing Menlo and have never looked back.

There are so many things I love about attending Menlo. I enjoy having a relationship with the teachers in and outside of the classroom. I can go to them for personal questions and concerns along with school work. Advocacy is a place where 10 students get assigned to a teacher. Through this group, you end up bonding with other students and the teacher over spirit days, games, and more. Spirit days are designed for you to enjoy yourself and have fun with others.

Another aspect of Menlo I enjoy are the amazing opportunities that the school offers you. You can’t do everything! However, you are encouraged to try new things. I love being part of the sports teams and creating new friendships with teammates and coaches. It is also fun when friends who are not on your team come to watch and cheer for you. It’s the same with our drama and theater productions. Though I have never participated in the productions, I have loved attending and supporting classmates. I’m always impressed by the Menlo plays and performances.

My two most challenging experiences have been taking tests and being assigned more homework. My elementary school didn’t have tests or that much homework, so it was a big change. Menlo School taught me to embrace this change and learn from it. They taught me how to prepare for tests by reviewing my notes, homework assignments, and class work. The teachers also provide students a study guide covering material that will be on the test. I have also learned how to organize my schedule in order to find time for homework, so I don’t stay up too late.

I’ve explored many extracurricular activities, including volleyball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, mathcounts, debate, and M-BEST, which is an engineering, science, and technology program for girls. I joined the debate club in 7th grade. I am now on the debate team. Debate has helped me to think fast on my feet, understand both sides of an issue, and to be able to do quick, but thorough research.

I have enjoyed all of the activities I’ve tried. When asked If I could pick a favorite, I would go with either lacrosse or basketball. Between tournaments, practices, and team dinners, I have developed a special bond with my team sports. I have also enjoyed all the classes I’ve taken at Menlo. However, my current favorite is History. We start class with the CNN 10 video about what is going on in today’s world, which is a lot. We then discuss the topics and think on why it is occurring and the effect it would later have. I love learning and talking about current events because it allows me to be more informed and knowledgeable.

What makes the Menlo community truly special for me is that I am challenged while still enjoying my learning adventure. I’ve had to use many tutorials and office hours to meet with teachers about what we are learning. One of the many things I’ve learned at Menlo is how to self-advocate, which has been very helpful in and outside of school. While all the academics are challenging, Menlo’s supportive community and amazing teachers have made learning an exciting journey. They do a wonderful job incorporating presentations, hands-on group projects, tests, whole class activities, and discussions. I couldn’t have chosen a better place!