Ari K. ’23

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There are many things I love about Menlo, but one thing in particular is the beautiful campus. I love spending time outdoors, between classes or after school with my friends. We spend a lot of time out on the quad, and it’s a great place for social interaction where you get to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate all of Menlo’s amazing campus and facilities.

I joined the Menlo community in our Middle School, which is a great place to try just about anything. I played flag football, tennis, and water polo and even tried debate, as well as many other things for the first time. Now, I’m in the Upper School and I play football, am a member of Menlo’s Mock Trial Team, and I even played varsity lacrosse in my freshman year. As a freshman, I felt welcomed by my older teammates. In these experiences, I have learned about the kindness, support, and camaraderie amongst students, teachers, and coaches that is truly embedded in the Menlo culture.