Menlo School Faculty & Staff


Come explore this NEW music class where YOU get to decide on music composition and creation projects that excite you! Do you love writing music or using GarageBand? Compose your favorite style of music and have the dance class choreograph it! Already play an instrument, let’s figure out how we can work that into a musical project for you; perhaps, performing in a rock band with other musicians from our class! Do you love a certain artist? Dive into their music and history and create a slideshow! Create an art project as you listen to your favorite song! Are you interested in becoming better at reading music or understanding rhythms? This may be the class for you. How about learning a cover song on the ukulele or writing songs to your favorite children’s book? Learn a drum-set solo, or try playing the electric guitar! The possibilities are endless. Let’s explore music together! Each project will be presented to our classmates on an agreed performance day.