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 HANDs-on Learning
The HAND Foundation provides support each year for several student-fellows to undertake an in-depth, experiential travel- study project over the summer.
May Li ’19 used her HAND grant to study Mexican muralism
and urban art in Mexico City. She explored how urban art’s rise in the city has impacted the local communities and the city’s development as a cultural hotspot. She met with urban artists from different backgrounds to see their works and learn what inspires them and spoke with the Director of MasterPeace Mexico, a nonprofit organization that uses murals and other art initiatives to promote peace. She also visited historic locations, such as the Secretariat of Public Education, to view and discuss murals from the Mexican Revolution by famous Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros. May’s experience culminated in the creation of her own mural in the streets of Mexico City.
A HAND grant enabled Walter Li ’19 to spend four weeks in Israel- Palestine examining how grassroots organizations and activists are working to ease tensions between Israelis and Palestinians and how this work can be applied in larger political and cultural situations. Walter worked at an English day camp at the Hand- in-Hand School for Israeli and Palestinian children and traveled throughout Israel and the West Bank to gain a sense of the everyday tensions and dynamics that exist in this multifaceted region. He also met with many peace organizations and activists working to unite and create dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians to learn more about their efforts and impact.
Also a HAND fellow, Kayla Zamanian ’19 traveled to Morocco to study how French colonization developed the values
Ones and Zeros
In May, Ari Troper ’18 presented the world premiere of
Ones and Zeros, a witty musical he wrote and directed as
part of Menlo’s new IP program, which gives students the opportunity to do a deep dive into something they are passionate about. Rishi Varma ’18 co-directed the play,
which showcased a talented group of Menlo students as actors, musicians, choreographers, set designers, and stage technicians. “There was a lot of love and energy in the [theater], which I think is part of what made the night so memorable,” Ari shared. “I [wanted] to write a show as an elaborate way of saying thanks to the teachers and students and everyone along the way who inspired and encouraged me...this show would have never existed if I were at any other school. Menlo is truly a fantastic community which can come together and make anything possible.”
      Kayla Zamanian
of multilingualism and multiculturalism in the country. She investigated how the presence of both Arabic and French cultures has played out in the identities of post-colonial generations of Moroccans.
Open Dialogue
Lanhee J. Chen, PhD, a fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, the Director of Domestic Policy Studies and Lecturer in the Public Policy Program at Stanford University, and a political advisor to Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, and others, answered questions from Menlo students at an Upper School assembly on March 23. The discussion touched on U.S.-China policy, immigration, Medicare, Social Security, and more. Afterward, Chen stayed on campus for small-group conversations with students and faculty.
    May Li
 Walter Li

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