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most impactful part
of my trip to China was living with
my homestay family. While with them,
I was able to immerse myself in their life and experience a lifestyle almost opposite of mine. It was amazing for me to see how they lived and how they seemed much less stressed than the people in the Bay Area. The most profound realization I had on the trip was noticing the stark contrasts between the different aspects of their life. Because China developed so quickly and is also a country with a long, rich history, there are many gaps in modernity. For example, in the rural village we visited, plumbing was practically nonexistent, and cooking was all done over a wood fire ... And this rural village, with very basic things, was located less than an hour from a city of
over one million people (similar to the distance
from my house to San Francisco).”
—William Akis ’21 (China)

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