Page 35 - Menlo Magazine: Summer/Fall 2018
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     After years of exemplary service on Menlo’s Board of Trustees, seven members have completed their terms of service. Menlo sincerely thanks Brenda Woodson, Maria Frantz, Brad Smith, Jill Parker, Serra Simbeck, Gary Pinkus (not pictured), and Alicia Hammarskjold (not pictured) for their dedication, hard work,
and commitment to Menlo School.
     Ken Goldman, Mark Stevens, Chris Dressel, and Than Healy
Gabby Banatao, David Ting, Joyce Smith, Purvi Kunwar, and Lara Sellers
Than Healy, Ann Rossi, Ned Spieker Jr. ’62, Lynda Marren, and Nicole Rubin
John Schafer, Earl Fry, Jonathan Coslet, and Brad Smith
Science teacher Tanya Buxton and Will Buxton ’19 perform
Amanda Enright, Ryan Enright '88, and Terry Miller
Anne and Rico Rosales
     Board Chair Rob Chandra with Ken and Kathy Diekroeger
Menlo leaders, past and present, gathered in May for the annual Trustee Reunion. Board Chair Rob Chandra and Than Healy welcomed guests and thanked them for their dedication to and support of the School. Upper School science teacher Tanya Buxton and three students, Will Buxton ’19, Avi Gupta ’19, and Walter Li ’19, performed both classical and traditional folk music.

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