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     Here's a look at what some of our alumni are up to. We’d love to hear where life has taken you. Use the submission form at or email Director of Alumni Katherine Kelly at
1950s Reunion Years: 1953 & 1958
Eric “Mike” Jackson ’50 recently ended his 37 years as produc- er for the Episcopal/Lutheran TV Eucharist program, broadcast every Sunday morning on Seattle’s NBC affiliate. The Diocese of Olympia (the Episcopal Church in Western Washington) named Mike an honorary canon of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle as tribute to his ministry. Mike, a former Canadian Army officer, is a retired Episcopal priest, attached to the cathedral.
Howard Elkus ’55 passed away in his sleep on April 1, 2017, at his home in Palm Beach. He was a renowned architect who co-founded Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects and had a major hand in buildings that transformed that city’s downtown, as described by the Boston Globe.
Len Edwards ’59 is proud to report that his oldest grandson, William, is slated to become a third-generation Menlo student this fall as part of the Class of 2025.
1960s Reunion Years: 1963 & 1968
George Miller ’60 tells us he’s now a photographer and plans to move away from the Northeast this year. He writes, “This is my last New England winter. I’m still a California boy.”
1970s Reunion Years: 1973 & 1978
The second printing of the fifth edition of the strategy board game Randy Heller ’71 designed, “Bitter Woods: The Battle of the Bulge,” was recently published by Compass Games.
In January 2018, Michael Lopez ’71 became the President of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Association. He’s been a board member for the past four years and last year served as Vice President and Treasurer.
Mark Curtis ’74 and Mark Douglass ’77 were both ranked in the top 10 of Barron’s top financial advisors in California.
John Matteson ’79 joined an exclusive club when his book, Eden’s Outcasts, served as the subject of a clue on Jeopardy! John, who appeared on the show in the late 1980s, doesn’t know how many other people have been on Jeopardy! both as a contestant and as a clue, but he’s happy to be one.
1980s Reunion Years: 1983 & 1988
After spending a year on the Oregon coast, John Cassinerio ’80 and his wife, Sandy, have moved back to the Puget Sound region, where they now work as independent contractors with Boeing’s Industrial Athlete program. John says: “We are empty-nesters and soon to celebrate 30 years of marital bliss (most of the time—she still has to deal with me!). We are looking forward to our 40th reunion coming up in 2020! Rock on, Class of ’80!”
John Goetz ’80 tells us: “I connected with Tom Bellit ’80 and John Nash ’80 here in Las Vegas this winter—it was great to see old classmates. I also enjoy living vicariously thru Phil Lamond’s ’80 Facebook posts. If you are in Las Vegas in the winter months, look me up!”
     George Miller ’60 John Matteson ’79 (Left to right) John Cassinerio ’80, his wife, Sandy, and their children, Kyle and Kelly
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