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 James Bunsei Ko ’82 and his family continue to live in Tokyo where they enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life. Their daughter is at UBC in Vancouver so the house is a bit quiet. James and Yukari’s son is now a 10th grader who enjoys playing tennis every day and hanging out with friends.
Bill Koefoed ’82 and his wife, Nancy, still live in Bellevue, Washington, and are now empty-nesters with sons at Colgate and USC. Bill is working for BCG in Manhattan Beach, California, which means spending lots of time on airplanes.
T. Hardy Jackson III ’82 says, “I’m living in San Francisco and have had my own payments consulting practice for the last 15 years ( Work occasionally takes me to places like Africa and India. I periodically see local Menlo alums Scott Bretall ’82, Gregg Schulze ’82, Phil Schaaf ’82, and many others via Facebook. It was great to catch up with folks at our last reunion.”
Keith Perry ’86 spent September 2017 in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands responding to hurricane impacts as part of
a Department of Health and Human Services Disaster Medical Assistance Team. “It was an experience I will never forget,” he says.
Maria Fadiman ’87, an ethnobotanist and associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, recently spent a year in Bhutan for research. Her essay about overcoming fears in the jungle was published in American Way magazine.
DeAndre Garner ’88 was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and has moved to Vermont with duty at Norwich University in the ROTC program.
David Zetland ’87 is still enjoying life in Amsterdam and teaching economics in The Hague. In the past year, he edited and published a book of short climate fiction (cli-fi) stories on how we might (not) cope with climate change. They are free to download at
1990s Reunion Years: 1993 & 1998 Greg Alden ’90 reports the birth of Emily Alden on March 5,
2018. She joins two older siblings, Graham and Ashley.
Shaban Shakoori ’90 says, “My family is enjoying life in
San Francisco. My oldest daughter, Madeline, graduated from Presidio Hill School and is excited to be attending Drew School in the fall.”
Melind John ’90 lives in San Francisco with his wife, Stephanie Chu. They were married in a small private ceremony last August (8/22/17). Melind works in Redwood City where he manages Josuma Coffee, his family’s coffee bean business.
Robert Salama ’92 loved seeing everyone at the 25th reunion in October 2017. He wants to thank to Alexa Savelle Cutler ’92, who did most of the organizing and put together a fantastic cocktail reception and dinner for the Class of ’92 at Trellis. Robert will likely be involved with Menlo for the foreseeable future as his son Benjamin is attending the Middle School.
Chris Homs ’94 and his wife Allison welcomed Olivia Grace Homs to the world on May 20, 2018.
Nora Culver, Leana Wallace Fowler, Tammy Brown, and Erica Wray—all classmates from ’94—gathered for an impromptu mini reunion at Delfina in San Francisco in June.
David Chan ’97 moved back to the Bay Area this summer after living 10 years in New York. He’ll be starting a new role as a member of Tesla’s design team.
    Keith Perry ’86
Melind John ’90 and Stephanie Chu
Chris Homs ’94 with wife Allison and daughter Olivia Grace
    Maria Fadiman ’87
Children of Greg Alden ’90
Lt. Col. DeAndre Garner ’88 (center) at his promotion ’94 Grads reunite at Delfina ceremony
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