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  In the spring of 2019, construction began on a long-awaited performing arts center. Slated to open in the fall of 2020, the Spieker Center for the Performing Arts is a theater that will seat approximately 400 located at the heart of campus that will complete our central campus and serve every member of the community.
This year, much of the campaign’s focus will turn toward the endowment, which is not only critical for helping the School ensure long-term financial stability but, as Than noted, “it
just as importantly provides significant benefits that support every child’s education. It ensures that our core strengths, things like our commitment to financial assistance, flexibility, and innovation, will always be funded regardless of the larger
macro-economic conditions of the world. And, it offsets a tuition-dependent financial model that many schools like ours depend on but that looks increasingly unsustainable. In short, Menlo’s endowment ensures that the Menlo we know today will be here tomorrow.”
Funding for the School’s endowment will support:
◗ Students and Programs - our students will continue to have transformational learning experiences that help prepare them for the unique needs of a rapidly changing world.
◗ Faculty - we will focus on attracting and retaining a world- class faculty.
◗ Accessibility - we will provide financial aid through a new Centennial Scholars Initiative to provide greater access for qualified talented students regardless of their financial background.
 TOP LEFT In the new dining hall, students enjoy lunch provided by Flik Independent School Dining, which features a variety of daily options including a hot menu, a salad bar, soup, sandwiches, and pizza. LOWER LEFT The remodeled Student Center features spaces for students to study, collaborate, and hang out, as well as a dedicated space for health and wellness and offices for academic and student life programs. ABOVE In 2018, upgrades were made to several of our athletics facilities. At the Gates Pool, the locker rooms were remodeled, the Kevin Elkus ’81 Team Room was added as was spectator seating, and it has been updated to promote the vibrant look and feel of our aquatics programs.

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