Page 14 - Menlo Magazine Summer 2019
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Leaving a Legacy for the Future
So far, the community response to the Centennial Campaign has been tremendous. But there’s more to do as we move from securing early lead gifts into the public phase of this ambitious campaign. Our hope is that through this next phase, every member of the Menlo community will help in our efforts to ensure that we can continue to offer exemplary, innovative academic programs, coupled with access to outstanding and dedicated faculty, coaches, and staff.
“The great institutions in our society have been built by thousands of hands,” said Than Healy. “Incredible parents, trustees, and faculty have nurtured this amazing school from its origins 105 years ago into what it is today, and while we were not there to step forward when the Middle or Upper School needed to be constructed, nor were we there when the funds were developed to put together the faculty we enjoy today, we all have the opportunity to step forward now to move this incredible school along in this chapter of its life. And in doing so, we join those thousands of hands that are investing in the institutions that make our society great.”

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