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  “At the heart of what has made Menlo the school it is for generations of students are talented, thoughtful teachers; curious, engaged, kind students; and the close, supportive relationships that they develop with each other.” —Than Healy, Head of School
Cover Photo: Upper School History Department Chair Carmen Borbón with Madison Peña ’22
Photo by Pete Zivkov
What’s Inside
6 The Menlo Centennial Campaign Completing the Central Campus and Building a Lasting Endowment
14 Centennial Scholars
Alumni Lead the Charge for Financial Aid Endowment
18 Six Things You May Not Know about Menlo’s Endowment
20 Taking Menlo to the Next Level
22 In the Loop
What’s Happening around Campus?
26 Studying the Past to Impact the Future
44 Athletics News
54 Alumnus Profile
Bill Reese ’66 to Receive Halverson Award
58 Class Notes

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