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“Our family supports the Menlo endowment because we wanted our charitable giving to help make a Menlo private education more affordable for families in the future and to help Menlo attract and retain the best teachers.”
    How large is the
School’s endowment?
As of June 30, 2019, the School’s endowment totaled
more than $60 million. This is the result of strong financial management by Menlo’s Chief Financial Officer and Finance Committee, as well as a significant number of donations to
the endowment through the current Menlo Centennial Campaign. Projections show that our endowment
will have doubled over the course of our current
campaign—a wonderful reflection of our community’s support for current and future generations of Menlo students.
 How does our endowment compare to that of other schools?
While we have significantly grown our endowment in recent years and look to have a strong trajectory ahead, when comparing our endowment per student to some of our peer schools in the area, we are in the middle of the group. Continued investment from our community in the years to
come will ensure that we can stay competitive with our peers, just as we aim to do in the areas of admissions, faculty recruitment, or athletics.
Endowment per student, in thousands
                          How can I support the endowment?
The most common way that donors choose to give to the endowment is
through what is known as a named endowed fund, e.g., the Smith Family Scholarship Fund. You can name an endowment for yourself, your family, your
How Menlo’s endowment stacks up against peer institutions in the Bay Area
favorite former teacher, and so on. The minimum amount to establish a new named endowed fund during the campaign is $100,000, pledged over five years. Existing endowed funds can be added to in any amount, at any time. Your endowed fund
keeps Menlo thinking long-term and building assets for its own future sustainability.
Another way many alumni have helped grow Menlo’s endowment is through a legacy or planned gift. These gifts can be extremely beneficial to the School, not involve any immediate contribution, and fit easily into an overall estate plan.
 For more information about Menlo’s endowment,
please contact Lara Sellers in the Development Office at
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