Page 32 - Menlo Magazine Summer 2019
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   Two longtime faculty members, who both worked at the School for 15 years or longer, departed Menlo this year. We thank them for their years of service to the School and its students and wish them all the best.
Upper School Math and Computer Science Teacher
“Richard is the finest teacher I have ever met. He explains complex ideas with unparalleled clarity and precision. He is unfailingly patient and Socratic in his interactions with students. He never gives away how to perform a task—he makes students think. He is demanding, kind, generous, modest, and funny.”
–Michael Thibodeaux, Upper School Math Teacher
Technology Director
“Eric’s impact on Menlo during his time here is varied and extensive, and his accomplishments are numerous. I especially appreciate Eric’s ability to calmly and assuredly lead us through new initiatives. His patience, care, service orientation, and ability to communicate effectively are all aspects of his work here at Menlo that we will miss dearly.”
–Than Healy, Head of School

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