Page 43 - Menlo Magazine Summer 2019
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      After years of exemplary service on Menlo’s Board of Trustees, three members have completed their terms. Menlo sincerely thanks Rob Chandra, Steve Young, and
Ben Bisconti for their dedication, hard work, and commitment to Menlo School.
       (Left to right) Jake Reynolds, Rob Chandra, and Ned Spieker ’62
Betsy and Mark Gates (center, right) speak with
Steve Dostart (left)
Menlo leaders, past and
present, came together
on May 16 for the annual
Trustee Reunion. Than
Healy and outgoing
Board Chair Rob Chandra
welcomed guests and thanked
them for their support of the
School before Chief of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Keith Wheeler gave an inspiring speech covering his background and how he sees Menlo moving forward with a more diverse and inclusive student body. Upper School Director of Instrumental Music Leo Kitajima-Geefay and sophomore Leo Jergovic performed jazzy renditions of standards and pop classics.
(Left to right) Ryan Enright ’88, Elizabeth Enright Roberts, and Amanda Enright
  (Left to right) Liz Weingart, John Zeisler,
and Lisa Steiny
 Pianist Leo Jergovic ’21 performs with Upper School Director of Instrumental Music Leo Kitajima-Geefay
(Left to right) Nancy Serrurier, Len Edwards ’59, and Betsy Pace

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