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 built within them. In this way, Menlo School is more familiar than ever. At the heart of what has made Menlo the school it is for generations of students are talented, thoughtful teachers; curious, engaged, kind students; and the close, supportive relationships that they develop with each other. In short,
what makes Menlo are the people—they always have and they always will.
Due to the excellent work prior campaigns did in raising funds for the construction of the campus and the beginnings of an endowment, the Centennial Campaign enjoys the
privilege of raising money to both complete the
25-year dream of finishing the master plan for
the main campus as well as substantially bolster the endowment of the School. Incredibly, in four years, we’ve doubled our endowment so far and, in doing so, raised important dollars for the newly launched Centennial Scholars program that you can read more about in this magazine.
If completing the main campus secured Menlo’s physical future, then raising endowment levels to be competitive with peer schools locally and nationally will secure Menlo’s financial and programmatic future.
The case for why endowment matters is clear: it supports the people who
have always made Menlo what it is. Endowment is our promise to future generations that the core of who and what Menlo is will not change. Our commitment to hiring and retaining great faculty who are finding the Bay
Area a more and more difficult economy
to survive in, our desire to promise that no student who makes our school program better for his or her presence will be denied entry because of money, and our ability to branch out and innovate to ensure that the education Menlo graduates have is one that will ensure their success in a world that features shorter cycles of change and less predictability: these aspirations are what endowment makes possible.
As you read about how endowment makes the difference at Menlo, I urge you to keep in mind that we cannot hope that our current financial model, one that relies on
“In short, what makes Menlo are the people—they always have and they always will.”
tuition dollars as the sole source of revenue, will ensure the long-term viability of this remarkable institution.
We’ve set an ambitious goal for ourselves with this campaign because Menlo School has always held bigger-than-life aspirations. Few schools can claim that they have completely renovated every building
on their campus in just 25 years. Few schools can claim the deep commitment to financial assistance that Menlo does. Few schools support their teachers with the compensation that we do. Few schools are Menlo.
As you read through the ideals we’ve articulated in this magazine, we hope that you will be inspired to action yourself. We will need everyone’s support, both as cheerleaders and as financial supporters, if we hope to realize our dreams and keep Menlo the school it is. Our ability to continue to influence the future through our incredible graduates depends on the work we do here. Won’t you join us?

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