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                     Alumni Executive Committee
John Maletis ’95 - President
Greg Alden ’90
Scott Barkley ’88
Natalie Barrales ’04
Stephanie Barrales ’06
Tucker Beim ’94
Alex Cecil ’04
Angela Curotto-Pierson ’07 Katie Dissmeyer Dodd ’94
Ryan Enright ’88
Elizabeth Gardner ’96
Priyanka Goel-Chandrasekar ’03 Sunny Goyal ’95
Varish Goyal ’93
Anneka Gupta ’06
Brian Kasser ’86
Felice Kong ’88
Matt Madison ’81
Gina Merlone Marek ’02
Colin Murfit ’00
Mark Newton ’88
Mallory Frye Platshon ’03 Robert Salama ’92
Shane Stent ’90
Brad Vaughn ’99
Olivia Main Ward ’86
Chasen White ’11
Roger Zamora ’04
Alumni Leadership at Menlo
Alumni Executive Committee Welcomes New President and Vice President
For the past three years, Olivia Main Ward ’86 has served as president of Menlo’s Alumni Executive Committee. This summer, she transitioned to an emeritus role. John Maletis ’95 was selected as the committee’s new president and Alex Cecil ’04 was named the new
vice president.
We are incredibly grateful to Olivia and the full committee for their continued commitment to Menlo and look forward to the committee continuing its excellent work under John’s leadership. The team has exciting plans for the coming months, and we cannot wait to share with you what we have in store!
The Alumni Executive Committee, which serves as an advisory board to the School,
was created in order to further the goals of the Alumni Relations Programs at Menlo.
By bringing together a core group of alumni that represents various constituencies and interests within the overall alumni population, the Executive Committee works as a team to help advance Menlo’s various alumni initiatives. The committee has devoted its time, energy, expertise, and creativity to help all of you stay connected with the School and with one another.
 Members of the Alumni Executive Committee gathered with Menlo staff to celebrate the end of another school year

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