Page 59 - Menlo Magazine Summer 2019
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      The Class of 2019 Marks Menlo’s 100th Commencement
 In 1920, Menlo School, then known as the William Warren School, graduated its first class of two seniors, Reginald Oakes Riley ’20 and John Donald Lomax ’20.
In a student-produced booklet called The Ophicleide, published at the end of
the school year, portraits of the graduates were featured along with lists of their accomplishments. Because the Warren School was a military school up until 1924, their ranks were also included: Riley was a Major and Lomax a Captain. Riley and Lomax both entered the School in 1915 to attend 8th grade, and both played baseball and football. Riley also served as student body president his senior year.
On June 6, 2019, Menlo commemorated its 100th graduating class. Though the School is very different from the one Riley and Lomax attended, this year’s graduating class is the latest in a century-long line of proud graduates. Menlo’s Class of 2019 wore special stoles at commencement to mark the occasion.

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