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    Here’s a look at what some of our alumni are up to. We’d love to hear where life has taken you. Use the submission form at or email Director of Alumni Katherine Kelly at
1950s Reunion Years: 1954 & 1959
Chris Borden ’53 and his wife, Shirley Borden, both celebrated their 84th birthday in Tucson, AZ, this spring. As a University of Arizona graduate, Chris still has good friends in the desert and says he does not miss California due to medical reasons: he got sick of it!
David Hanna ’56 shares that he’s “happily retired at 8,000 feet of altitude” and encourages visitors to come to Colorado, where he now resides.
Len Edwards ’59 is proud to note that another of his grandchildren, Chase Edwards, is starting at Menlo’s Middle School this year, joining his older brother, seventh grader William Edwards.
1960s Reunion Years: 1964 & 1969
Bill Jarrott ’64 says, “After 51-plus years of engagement in military aviation and commercial aviation safety, I’m finally retiring! My military experience began shortly after my 1968 graduation from UC Davis. Ultimately, I spent 23 years in
naval aviation, accumulating 3,500 flight hours and 925 carrier landings as a Radar Intercept Officer in Navy F-4s and F-14s and completing the Top Gun program and an MS in Safety at USC. Following my 1991 Navy retirement, I led safety programs for three different airlines. I also spent several years leading airline operational safety audits on behalf of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). My last 12 years have been with the MITRE Corporation leading commercial and general aviation safety research and development efforts for the FAA.
It has been an interesting career path, from the cotton fields of Firebaugh, CA, through Menlo, to UC Davis, and then on to 51 years in aviation—supported and loved along that path by my lovely wife of 51 years, Sharon (Ayers), and our three children, Shannon, Kathleen, and Will.”
Greg Eaton ’65 told us about a special trip he and several classmates took. He said: “Following our 50th class reunion in 2015, several of us decided that we would try to arrange a road trip at some future date. It was ultimately decided that we would travel to central New Mexico to visit Steve Harvey ’65 at his new ranch bordering Sumner Lake, about 2.5 hours southeast of Albuquerque. In May 2018, I, along with Bill Miller ’65, Jeff Armstrong ’65, Dave Robertson ’65, Karl Burger ’65, and our spouses, made the trip for a three-night visit. The day after we arrived, Steve put some of us to work moving about 60 head of cattle from one watering place to another, a distance of about three miles (but if you haven’t been on a horse for 30 years, it seemed longer). Steve’s ranch is in the high desert, at about 4,300 feet of elevation, so the days were moderate and the evenings cool. There were hundreds of wild turkeys around Steve’s ranch house and barns, along with a fair number of rattlesnakes. With
   Chris Borden ’53 and his wife, Shirley
Bill Jarrott ’64 (third from left) with his Top Gun class that graduated in 1976
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