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 Connor Douglass ’08 tells us that he graduated with an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in June, married Abbey Davis in July, and moved to Seattle to work for Microsoft in August.
On February 28, Issa Coultas ’09 spoke via video conference to Menlo’s Spectrum Club, which is aimed at creating a safe space for people of all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations. Issa spoke about her experience coming out as a lesbian nonconforming woman while at Menlo and her experiences in college and afterward. She also answered students’ questions, explaining that while not everything about her journey went perfectly—far from it—she felt that, “Most, if not all, of my teachers were supportive of me,” and described feeling grateful for the out teachers who modeled for her that she could have a life as an out person herself. Now, she’s arrived at a place where she feels, “I’m me. I’m going to stay me. I’m not going to go into the closet for anybody.”
2010s Reunion Years: 2014
In July 2019, Tim Benton ’11 married Melissa Gilkey in San Diego. They met through their mutual friend, Kent Lacob ’11. Last year, Tim moved to Seattle to start work for Stryker Medical Devices.
On June 7, Adam Boyd ’11 married Jocelle Flores in San Francisco, where they live with their dog, Bella.
Whitney Hooper ’11 married Taylor Lemmon in Menlo Park on May 27.
Sam Bergeson ’13 is a senior at New York University pursuing a dual degree in journalism in NYU’s College of Arts & Science and cinema studies in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She has been published several times in various national and international publications and recently completed an internship at the magazine Marie Claire in the editorial department. Sam also received the 2019 Student Achievement Award from the New York Film Critics Circle. The award, which is given to the most outstanding student writer in film, was presented to Sam at the New York Film Critics Circle Award event held on January 7, 2019, in New York City. While at the award ceremony, Sam met Martin Scorsese, Ethan Hawke, and Glenn Close, among other award winners and presenters.
John Bergeson ’15 has been accepted to Columbia University’s Master of Arts in Global Thought program. He graduated summa cum laude from the LSA Honors Program at the University of Michigan in May.
Samantha Frenkel-Popell ’16, currently a student at Harvard University, was selected to ask Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a question at a CNN town hall. She referred to her family’s history of fleeing the Soviet Union and asked him
to explain why he advocates for certain policies that she said echo policies from that country. (Watch video: https://cnn. it/2DwwQTU.)
Makena Lambert ’16 has been selected to receive a Jacob Van Ek Scholars Award. She is one of 16 faculty-nominated students being recognized for “superior academic achievement and distinguished service to the University of Colorado Boulder and the community at large.”
   In Memoriam Byrne Bernhard ’40
Doug Bowler ’59
Dick Rich ’53
Thomas Hughes ’55
Bruce Moreton ’69
 Issa Coultas ’09 answering students’ questions over video
Tim Benton ’11 and wife Melissa Gilkey
Adam Boyd ’11 on his wedding day with
wife Jocelle Flores Makena Lambert ’16
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