Community Cooks

Community Cooks provides one way students can complete their Community Engagement Credits for the Upper School. They can earn 4 Community Engagement Credits by participating in this program. The shelters that Menlo serves include two shelters in the LifeMoves program (formerly known as InnVision Shelter Network): First Steps for Families (a family shelter) in San Mateo and Maple Street Shelter (an adult shelter) in Redwood City.

  • Approximately four hours from 2:30-6:30pm

  • Sign-up in advance (at least one week)

  • Permission forms required as transportation from the host home to the shelter will be provided by Menlo approved parent drivers.

Menlo families volunteer the use of their home kitchens as well as plan the menu for the meal.  The host parents oversee the students while they prepare, cook, transport & serve the meal at the shelter.  The MSPA has a budget set aside for the purchase of groceries.  Chris Young, Director of Community Engagement, communicates the dates to students and they can sign up a few weeks prior to each event through Student Life.

If you have questions or are interested in organizing and signing up to host a meal at your home kitchen, please contact Allison Chao or Christine Stabile.

Tentative 2018-2019 Dates:  Shelter - Group (all Sundays unless noted):

  • Sept. 23:  First Steps for Families - Juniors
  • Sept. 29: Maple Street Shelter - Sophomores
  • Oct. 28:  First Steps for Families - Knights/MidKnights Dancers
  • Nov. 18:  First Steps for Families - KnightVision
  • Dec. 2: First Steps for Families - Freshmen
  • Dec. 9:  First Steps for Families - Basketball
  • Jan. 20:  First Steps for Families - Varsity Boys Soccer
  • Jan. 27:  Maple Street Shelter - Sophomores
  • Saturday, Feb. 9:  Maple Street Shelter - Seniors
  • March 3:  First Steps for Families - Juniors