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Getting E-Mail Address Lists and Sending Invitations

How to get email address lists

You can request a list of email addresses. Please note that all MSPA events use digital invitations. We will pull the most recent data from our database and send you an Excel spreadsheet in no more than three business days. Once you have the list, you can follow the instructions below to send invitations using Paperless Post flyers.

Please be sure to ask the MSPA VP of Communications to review and approve your invitation before you send it out. Your “From” field in the invitation should be MSPA (your specific parent class e-mail), not Menlo School, and you should always use the BCC field to protect the privacy of the address list.  

Use these lists for Menlo- or MSPA-sponsored events only. Any use of email addresses for any purpose other than Menlo School or MSPA-related communications is strictly prohibited.

How to Use Paperless Post 

New to Paperless Post?

  • Go the Paperless Post website.
  • Click “Sign Up” and enter your email address and password (use the class-level e-mail, e.g.
  • Paperless Post will send you an email to confirm your email address.

Returning user?
Paperless Post will recognize you. Or use “Log in” at upper right corner.

Try to use Flyers as much as possible to allow us to insert links into the newsletters and onto the website, as well as conserve your MSPA budget.  Flyers can be found on the far right of the Menu on the landing page after you sign in.  

  • Click “Browse Designs” and then *Important* Click the “Free” check box under the “Pricing” option.  This will be essential later when it comes to sending your invitation from your email client.
  • Scroll the invitation options.  The “What’s the Occasion” menu close to the top of the page will give you many more choices.  Be watchful as you choose your invitation selection to be sure PP has not included an invitation with Premium options as this will cause trouble with sending.  You want a free Flyer.
  • Input your invitation details and choose design elements.
  • When you have finished designing your invitation, click the blue “Add Guests” button in the upper right hand corner.  (Do not worry about the information referencing coins.)
  • Click on the “Share Link” button (just to the left of the information about coins). This will show a link that you can copy and paste into your email client.  
  • Once you send this link to your group ( for example) you will start to get rsvps, if you requested them, through the PP site, the same way you would with the standard invitations.  You will not get information about opens and bounces, but you will receive information about messages people leave and yes and no responses.  
  • To send a link to the newsletter and insert onto the website, you will want to click on that “Share Link” button again and capture the “Copy URL” information to send to the eNotes alias and use to insert on the website.  

Please be in touch with the VP Communications if you have questions about this.