Contact Information Request

Getting E-Mail Address Lists and Sending Invitations

How to get email address lists

You can request a list of email addresses. Please note that all MSPA events use digital invitations. We will pull the most recent data from our database and send you an Excel spreadsheet in no more than three business days. Once you have the list, you can follow the instructions below to send invitations through Paperless Post

Please be sure to ask the MSPA VP of Communications to review and approve your invitation before you send it out. Your “From” field in the invitation should be MSPA (your specific parent class e-mail), not Menlo School.

Use these lists for Menlo- or MSPA-sponsored events only. Any use of email addresses for any purpose other than Menlo School or MSPA-related communications is strictly prohibited.

How to Use Paperless Post 

New to Paperless Post?

  • Go the Paperless Post website.
  • Click “Sign Up” and enter your email address and password (use the class-level e-mail, e.g.
  • Paperless Post will send you an email to confirm your email address.

Returning user?
Paperless Post will recognize you. Or use “Log in” at upper right corner.

Entering email lists
Select “Address Book” from the menu bar. If you are not on the dashboard page, move cursor over your login name at top right corner to locate the “Address Book” on the pulldown menu. Paperless Post’s address book can have multiple lists — so create your “event constituent” list first

  • To enter multiple email addresses by cutting and pasting:
    Click on “Import contacts” at upper right to open a pop-up form.
    Paste email addresses in the larger lower box and click “Add” button.
  • To import email addresses from a CSV file:
    Click on “Import contacts” at upper right to open a pop-up form.
    Choose the tab labeled “UPLOAD A FILE” on the top line of this pop-up form.
    No need to download the template: skip to Step #4 to click on the “Browse…” button.
    Select your .csv file from your computer and click the “Upload File” button.

NOTE: upon import action, pop-up may come up with multiple names with shared email address, asking you to enter the name/email separated by a comma. You can resolve this by combining the name to one entry “Name1 & Name2 LastName” followed by one email address.

Go back to the Dashboard tab at the top of the page to finalize your invitation to send out a Preview Version for a review.