iPad FAQs

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What are Menlo’s major educational technology goals?
  • To give students and teachers the tools they need to engage with digital materials “anytime, anywhere.”
  • To give teachers new ways of interacting with students and learning materials.
  • To develop a common platform that promotes interaction and communication between teachers and students.
  • To reduce the physical load of bulky textbooks in backpacks while increasing access to instructional content.
  • To assist students in organizing their ever-more-complex lives.
Will every teacher use iPads on a daily basis?

Most teachers will use iPads on a frequent but perhaps not daily basis. In fact, the goal is not necessarily to make iPads a daily tool in every class; rather, the School anticipates that over time the device will earn an ever more prominent place in the faculty’s toolbox. Different teachers will use the tool with different frequency. In any case, we would consider it a serious disruption if the iPad were used in place of the rich face-to-face interaction that the Menlo community values.

Will my child be expected to bring the iPad to school every day?

Yes, it should be charged and ready to use daily.

What is the School’s policy for personal use of the iPad?

All students are expected to abide by the Behavior and Technology Use Guidelines described in the Student Handbook. Middle School students must agree to the Middle School iPad Acceptable Use Policy. All students will have their own combination of apps for their classes, their own organization apps, and their own media, photos, etc.

Students are welcome to put apps on the iPad, but parents are strongly encouraged to set ground rules and stay engaged in their child’s iPad use. Faculty at each grade level will suggest guidelines. The School will offer ongoing support for families who want to learn more about raising healthy children in the world of technology. Students will receive iPad orientation in the Fall.

Will my student still need his or her laptop or home computer?

The iPad is portable and provides access to rich learning materials “anytime, anywhere.” However, students will still need a computer at home for longer writing assignments and heavy lifting. Your child will still be asked to write papers and do many assignments on a home computer. That computer may be either a laptop or desktop model. You can find our computer specification recommendations here.

Why is the cost of the iPad not built into my tuition?

Menlo did not build the iPad purchase into tuition costs for several reasons. Many families already own an iPad. We want to give families freedom to select their preferred model. And we’ve seen that pride of ownership results in more participation and responsibility for the care of the devices.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. Families receiving financial aid from Menlo are eligible to receive assistance with the purchase of the iPad. More information is available here.

Will my child be expected to purchase iPad apps?

The School will supply certain key apps to students at no additional cost. For certain classes, students will be required to buy apps for use in that specific class. Teachers will work hard to keep app costs to a minimum, but the costs will vary from student to student. Financial aid is available for app purchases.

What about digital textbooks? Will my child be expected to purchase iPad textbooks?

The list of required textbooks is published in early July and includes both print and digital options. Consult the Menlo School Campus Store pages for details.

Where can my child go to get help with the iPad?

First, students should ask their teachers or their classmates for help—those who use the tool will serve as a rich source of expertise. Student Genius Bars are available for help during lunch and after school in the Upper School, and during club periods in the Middle School. Students are also encouraged to come to the Tech Department or Middle School Technology Coordinator for help. Helping students with their iPad is a primary priority for the Tech Department.

How can I help my child back up the iPad?

One of the best things you can do to help your child with the iPad is help back it up. You will need to decide which method works best for you, but we have a guide available here. Just make sure that the iPad gets backed up regularly! There’s schoolwork in there!