Menlo Parent Groups for 6th and 9th Grade

Get connected. Stay informed.

Menlo Parent Groups (MPGs) are small groups designed as an opportunity for guardians to connect and share information. They are offered in 9th grade and 6th grade. These groups, facilitated by experienced Menlo parents, give parents a window into their students’ academic and social experience at Menlo. Whether you are new to Menlo or a veteran Menlo parent, joining an MPG will help you get connected, meet new parents in your child’s class, and stay informed. 

  • Incoming 9th grade parents: sign up here to join a freshman Menlo Parent Group (MPG). In the 9th grade program, MPGs are formed based on meeting time preference, a balance of boys and girls, and a balance of students new to Menlo and those coming from the Middle School. 
  • Incoming 6th grade parents: your MPG will be based on your child’s advocacy. Additional information will be available in the fall.

The purpose of Menlo Parent Groups is to:

  • Provide a small, informal community for parents and guardians to ask questions and discuss issues that are better addressed in a smaller group than in large meetings or events;
  • Help parents better understand their child’s world;
  • Share the latest news regarding your child’s grade and school-wide topics; and
  • Navigate Menlo’s resources and find needed information.

Q. What topics are covered?

  • 9th Grade: Topics covered depend on the time of year. Typical topics for parents include academic resources such as the Writing, Science and Math Centers, the difference between fall and spring finals, social life/dating/parties, sleep concerns, internet use and curfew, socializing and friendships, and the big challenges moving forward. Parents can also suggest topics for discussion.
  • Sixth Grade: Topics covered depend on the time of year. Topics for parents include academic resources, self-advocacy, social life, sleep concerns, internet use, socializing and friendships, and the Menlo Community Promise. Parents can also suggest topics for discussion.

Q: Are these groups required?
These groups are a resource provided by the Menlo School Parents Association (MSPA) and are completely voluntary.  Historically, the majority of 9th grade families have chosen to participate in MPGs. As such, we typically coordinate and offer eight or nine groups for parents of freshmen. The 6th grade program was new in 2019-2020.

Q. What is the time commitment?

  • 9th Grade: Each group meets four times a year for an hour and a half in the evenings, twice in the fall semester and twice in the spring semester. When you sign up for a group, you can indicate your preference of Sunday evenings or weekday evenings. We will try to accommodate the needs of both participants and facilitators.
  • 6th Grade: Each group meets on campus three times a year for 60-90 minutes. 

Q. Who usually attends?
We welcome all parents and guardians to attend a group, but given busy schedules, we recognize that often only one can make it. Sign up for whatever works best for your family. 

Q. What is the atmosphere of these groups?
These parent-led groups meet on campus in the evenings in comfortable locations. The atmosphere is welcoming, relaxed, and casual. Refreshments are usually provided.

Q. How do I sign up for an MPG? 
The sign-up form for 9th grade is at the top of the page or here. Sixth grade groups will be formed as part of advocacy groups.  Groups will be formed in early September, and you should hear from your facilitator regarding your first meeting by late September.

Q. Do you have additional questions?
9th Grade: Contact Gabby Banatao (Co-chair) or Darcy Leschly (Chair); 6th Grade: Contact Erin Sanders (VP, Parent Ed)