MSPA Council

MSPA Council and Committee Volunteer Structure

MSPA Council 2022-2023


Meaghan Schaefer US, Claire Thompson MS

Co-President Elects Reema Shah US, Laura Dholakia  MS
Secretary Ranjini Malavalli 

Alex Terman

Megan Ward (Assistant Treasurer)

VP Communications
  • eNotes (US) and zipNotes (MS)
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • MSPA Website
  • Grade Level Communications Chairs

Julie Lenden


VP Community Building
  • Admissions Preview Days
  • Grandparents’ Day (MS) 
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Homecoming
  • Hospitality
  • Knight Navigators
  • Menlo Cares

Amy Paye Venuto


VP Community Outreach
  • Community Cooks (US)
  • Community Service Learning
  • Peninsula Bridge Fun Run
  • Peninsula Bridge/Valpo Bowl (US)
  • Special Olympics

Polly Liu



VP Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity & Belonging

  • Parent Affinity Groups
  • EDI Strategic Plan Advisory Committee

Angie Kauffman

VP Faculty & Staff Appreciation
  • Arts Alliance (US)
  • Dance Concert
  • Drama Liaisons
  • Holiday and Spring Concerts (MS)
  • Faculty/Staff Children’s Holiday Party
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheons
  • Latte Mornings
  • Library Volunteers

Laura Agarwal 



VP Parent Education
  • Common Ground
  • Menlo Parent Groups (9th and 6th)
  • Parent Education Conference
Aarti Chandna
VP Parent Resourcing
  • Grade Level Teams 
Renee Barkley
VP Student Enrichment
  • Student Council Liaison
  • Global Programs and Studies
  • Lost & Found Coordinator

Maria Vogel

VPs Nominating Page Curtin and  Allison Chao

The nominating Process

Visit the  MSPA Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more about volunteering.