Why Bike or Walk?

Menlo School students gather to bike to school during Green Week. Photo by Pete Zivkov.Menlo School students gather to bike to school during Green Week. Photo by Pete Zivkov.

  • Fitness and Physical Health: While friends who drive to school are sucking air in those fitness drills, you’ll be cool as a whistle.
  • Good habits: Once a couch potato, always a coach potato.
  • More sleep: Become the envy of the community when you sleep in another 10 minutes and then whip by all the cars idling in traffic on Valparaiso.
  • Mental health: Stress is relieved by the early morning endorphins rushing through the brain. Walking or biking provides a pleasant way to start the day filled with fresh air and an ease of mind.
  • Independence: Why wait for Mom and Dad to finish their work before heading out of the house? Go where you want, when you want.
  • Confidence: That’s right, I DID just face down a huge hill on my way to Menlo and left it in my dust. Let’s dance, Lance.
  • Cost savings: Make a deal with Mom and Dad. Calculate the amount of gas you save them and ask for it in your allowance.
  • Environmental savings: Use Zimride to calculate the amount of CO2 pumped into the air when you drive a car to school. Then double it! All that time sitting in traffic on Valparaiso, the planet is gobbling up empty calories of CO2.
  • Better parent relations: Your choice to walk or bike just gave Mom and Dad a break—now maybe they’ll give you a break as well!
  • Community interaction: Become “that nice boy or girl who waves to me while riding down the street” rather than “that nameless, faceless kid in the car.”