POM Contact Tracing

Menlo is employing POM tags to assist in our contact tracing efforts. 

The POM (Peace of Mind) Tracer is a small wearable tag that measures “close contacts” in proximity to other POM tags. This means that if a community member receives a suspected or confirmed Covid diagnosis, our contact tracing team can quickly identify and communicate with other students, faculty, and staff who have had recent close contact with that person, while protecting the privacy of all involved.

Using your POM is simple! You only have two responsibilities to remember:

  1. Wear your POM tag every day
    Bring your POM tag to campus every day and wear it throughout your time on campus, including any extracurricular activities. You’ll be given a Menlo lanyard to wear it on. Student-athletes, you’ll be given wristbands to wear your POM tag on during athletic activities. In order to work properly, the POM tag needs to be on your person at all times and not in a backpack.
  2. Scan your POM tag at least once daily
    As part of your daily morning arrival protocol, you will show both your green badge and your POM tag to security (you won’t be able to enter the campus without it.) We are also asking that you scan your tag on one of the iPad stations located on the Middle and Upper School quads during your lunch break and/or before you leave the campus. In short, you will scan your tag at least once a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my privacy be protected while using a POM tag? What information is collected and how is it used?

The system uses bluetooth technology to record contacts between two or more POM tags. If an individual is wearing a POM, it will record contacts they have with others. The device’s memory will store this contact information. This system does not use GPS location-tracking technology; it has been designed to protect a person’s privacy. It will track who they have been in contact with and for how long (if both are wearing a tag), but never where they have been.

Where will I find iPad check-in stations? Why do I need to scan my POM every day?

The 6 iPad stations will be distributed throughout the campus. You’ll find them on the Middle School and Upper School quads during lunch, in the Tech Center, and in the athletic trainers’ office in the afternoon. Scanning your POM tag at an iPad station is what transmits its close-contact data to the school; without these uploads, the School doesn’t have the best data possible to complete contact tracing. We will regularly take stock of the ease of use of the POM tags and their scanning stations, and change procedures as necessary.

What if I forget my POM tag at home?

You will need your POM tag to enter the inner campus, just like you need your face mask and your One Medical green badge. Please make sure that you have your POM tag with you before you come to campus.

What if I lose or damage my POM?

The School is renting these POM tags and must return them in good working condition, so it’s important that you do not lose, abuse, or tamper with the tag loaned to you. Please report any lost, stolen, or damaged POM tags immediately to techticket@menloschool.org. Students can’t come onto campus during school hours without a POM tag.

Lost your POM on campus? Check Lost and Found, contact Security at security@menloschool.org or (650) 799-4993, and if it isn’t found, go to the Technology Center.

Lost your POM off campus? Email techticket@menloschool.org. If you think the POM was lost on campus, you can come look for it after hours, but otherwise will need to stay home and distance learn until either the original POM is found, or you have paid a $90 replacement fee and the Tech department has emailed you to pick up the new POM. Payment may be made online or at the US Student Life office or MS Front Office by check only.

Do I need to charge my POM’s battery?

No, the battery should last for 2-3 months under normal circumstances. If for some reason yours does run low, you will see a yellow notification during your daily iPad check-ins. If this happens, please go to the Tech Center for a battery replacement.

Do I need to download an app to use POM?

No, you don’t! Just make sure you’re wearing your POM tag at all times on campus and that you scan it in at an iPad station at least once a day.