Policies for Isolation and Quarantine

We know that there is a lot of justified confusion about current quarantine and isolation protocols and hope that this page will help clarify things. In an effort to provide definitive clarity on requirements should your child test positive for COVID-19 or be exposed to someone who has, our Health Office has outlined the current quarantine/isolation policies below. 

Please keep this information on hand and read it carefully as there are more complexities than any of us would like, even as we all understand the collective effort to keep our community safe as we move through this uncertain new chapter. As always, you can follow up with the Health Office directly if you have questions or would like guidance.

Quarantine and Isolation Requirements (January 14, 2022)

A Note About Availability of Rapid Antigen Tests

If you need rapid antigen testing for any of the above scenarios, we will need you to provide your own sealed antigen kit as there is a nationwide shortage at the moment and our re-supply has been delayed. Thank you for your help with this! 

If you cannot supply your own test kits, or if you wish to remain at home, you will need to complete the required 10-day full isolation period for a COVID+ person as outlined above or a standard 5-day modified quarantine period for a person exposed to a COVID+ case. Again, a person who has been exposed may take a lab-based PCR test in lieu of a rapid antigen test, but will have to wait for the results to be returned before they are released from modified quarantine. Unfortunately, in these circumstances, isolating students may not come to campus in person. If at any time during your quarantine you experience any symptoms whatsoever, we ask that you stay home, remain off campus, and contact the Health Office. We encourage everyone to purchase rapid antigen test kits and keep them on hand for this purpose. Please note that you will continue to get lab-based PCR tests twice weekly during your quarantine. 

We highly encourage all members of the community who are eligible to obtain their COVID booster as soon as possible. Completed COVID vaccine cards showing the booster vaccine should be sent to nurse@menloschool.org (ONCE only).

Testing Requirements

As of March 7, all employees and students need to test once per week. Results need to be uploaded by 4:00 pm the day after each test. Please test using the following schedule:

  • Monday: all Middle School students and freshmen
  • Wednesday: all sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Friday: all faculty, staff, and employees

Inspire Diagnostics will continue to provide testing on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 8:00 am-4:00 pm. Families can still opt to obtain a lab-based PCR test at their preferred local testing location. As always, please upload PDF copies of the test results to Fortress within an hour of receiving them. Inspire does NOT automatically deliver results to Fortress. If you receive a COVID+ test result, please email a PDF copy of the lab report or an image from an at-home test kit to nurse@menloschool.org. Any person who has been COVID+ does not need to continue weekly PCR testing for 90 days after the initial positive test.

A note on the Fortress approval process: once a test report is submitted for approval, it is reviewed by hand on the backend, and is not an instantaneous procedure/process. Please be patient, knowing that we are working hard to approve as quickly as possible. As an FYI, you will no longer be issued a ‘QR’ code, and instead will receive an email that the test result has been approved.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to nurse@menloschool.org.