Certificates of Concentration and Commitment

Two Certificates of Concentration and Commitment recognize outstanding student achievement: Global Scholar and Service Scholar.

Global Scholar Certificate of Concentration and Commitment

To acknowledge students who have made a serious commitment to the study of global affairs and citizenship, Menlo has created a certificate, like a college concentration, to those who meet three of the following six requirements below, take, as a capstone experience, the Global Scholars course, where they complete a substantial research project.

  1. Proficiency in World Languages: Study through four years of one or more modern world language. Students of Latin must study a modern language for at least one year.
  2. Global Education Curriculum: Enrollment in courses that have an international focus, Asian Studies, Environmental Science, Art History. (Other courses can also qualify as Global Education Courses, depending on the particular focus of an applicant’s work in that course)
  3. Community Service: Students must have devoted at least 15 hours (of their total 40 required hours) to service in an organization that works on international issues.
  4. International Travel-Learning Experience: Participation in an international education experience. These may include school-sponsored programs or outside programs that meet the approval of the Global Scholars Committee.
  5. Global Online Academy Course: Comparative Politics, International Macroeconomics, 9/11 in Global Perspective, Genocide, Energy.
  6. Participation in Related Clubs or Hostingtwo-year commitment to a club or organization. Activities such as Model United Nations or Knight Vision are examples of clubs that would meet this requirement.
Service Scholar Certificate of Concentration and Commitment

A Service Scholar embodies Menlo’s mission for students “to develop a sense of commitment to purposes larger than themselves” by demonstrating a dedication to service that extends well beyond the graduation requirement.  A Service Scholar acts as a leader at service events and takes the initiative to deepen their own knowledge about a social inequity through their course and volunteer work.

In order to become a Service Scholar, a student must develop and implement a Gold Level Project that meets the following requirements:

  1. Direct Service: A sustained commitment to volunteer work well beyond the PACT Project.
  2. Scholarly Research: A substantial research paper about a social inequity or injustice.
  3. Education: A formal presentation of research and service work to the Menlo community in a lunchtime talk, assembly presentation, or another format deemed appropriate.

Service Scholars will take an independent study course to work on the creation and implementation of their Gold Level Project. Service Scholars will meet on a monthly basis as a group. Students are encouraged to meet with Mr. Young to develop their personalized plan of action.


Click here to download the Service Scholar Certificate Program Application (PDF).