Connections Beyond the Classroom

Intern. Interview. Shadow. Get a taste of a career.

Connections Beyond the Classroom (CBC) provides programs that bring students and young alumni together with current and alumni Menlo parents to provide meaningful exposure to career, community service, and academic options.

CBC also supports Menlo faculty with parent and alumni expertise to contribute to the faculty curriculum. All CBC programs are designed in partnership with Menlo’s faculty and administration. 

Students and Young Alumni

Internships or shadow days may last one day, a few weeks, throughout the summer or even during the school year. Ask some upperclassmen about their summer internship experiences.  Many have had great internships or shadow days over the last few summers.


CBC can help connect you to parent professional resources for programs like Senior Projects, PACT, and M-BEST and also help you find classroom guest speakers.

Search the  CBC Resource  Database on MyMenlo to look for volunteer professionals to support your in-class program or activities beyond the classroom.

You can also be a sponsor or referral for any internships or shadow opportunities. Use Manage Internships to add interesting career opportunities for our students and young alumni.


Visit the CBC Parents webpage to learn more about how you can help.


To find out more about how you can help CBC Programs, contact