Senior Projects

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Senior Projects are a culmination of the Menlo School experience.

As we express in our mission statement, “At Menlo School, we are passionate about encouraging students to…discover the joy of learning…[and] take progressively more responsibility for themselves and their education.”  The School seeks to “help all students explore and expand their interests and to discover their talents.”  The Senior Projects program is intended to give students time to:

  1. Independently pursue a passion, expand on a topic from a class, learn something new or explore uncharted territory.
  2. Benefit from consultation with outside experts, in the form of instructors, writers, professionals in various fields, books, etc., and by doing so they show competence in navigating our knowledge society.
  3. Design a project that includes a series of achievements or benchmarks that lead to a larger, tangible goal.
  4. Get feedback on their ideas from a variety of Menlo faculty members throughout the process.

Completion of the Senior Project is a graduation requirement. Work at each stage of the program will be evaluated by advocates, faculty proposal readers, supervisors and presentation judges. Seniors are required to:

  • Complete a proposal and have it approved
  • Meet project objectives, as described in the proposal
  • Meet weekly with supervisor
  • Keep a blog about the project and reflect meaningfully about its course
  • Learn about what makes a good presentation, prepare an oral presentation and practice it with the supervisor
  • Make a 15-minute presentation during presentation week
Examples of Past Projects
Other excellent Senior Projects
  • Evolution of the Roman Military during the Punic Wars
  • Stem Cell Research Internship – Stanford Medical School
  • Statistical Analysis: Football
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict—Muslim and Jewish Perspectives
  • Creating Land Art
  • Building a Viking Forge
  • Creating an Immersive, Interactive Virtual World
  • Study of Michelangelo Carravaggio
  • Learning the art of the Short Story
  • Glassblowing
  • Learning to play the organ
  • Quilting
  • Internship in a Progressive 1st grade classroom
  • Kiln Casting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Translating Garcia Lorca
Connections Beyond the Classroom

Menlo’s parent and alumni professional network, Connections Beyond the Classroom, is an excellent place for seniors to seek out Senior Project internships, consultants and experts in all fields. Please take a look at the internships offered by participants and also at the general CBC resources website for possible contacts. For more info about these offerings, please contact Annette Fabris at


Please contact Senior Projects Coordinator, Katharine Hanson at, for specific questions on the SP program requirements or schedule.