Annual Auction


Auction 2023:
The Greatest Knight

Dinner, Dance, and Live Auction:
March 18, 2023
Online Auction: March 15-22, 2023

Tickets on sale in February!


The annual auction is our most important fundraising event: 100% of auction proceeds benefit Financial Aid for Menlo School to help support our need-blind admission policy.

Menlo Auction The Greatest Knight: Seeking Auction Donations and Party Hosts!

Step right up to support Menlo’s financial aid program today. Create getaway adventures with your friends—think beach homes, boat trips, and outings to wine country, mountain cabins, golf destinations, or city lights! Coordinate fun events with tickets to concerts, film festivals, or sports, as well as hotels, timeshares, air miles, or flights. Or co-host a fun Count-Me-In party!

 Submit donations online by Feb 10. See our donation wish list


First time or need a refresher? The Auction FAQ and Count-Me-In Hosting FAQ explain it all. Contact Katrina Sitter or Casey Wynn if you want to be involved.


Watch this video for a glimpse at this year’s auction theme.

Video music credit: Music courtesy of Karaoke-Version



Executive Team

Laura Agarwal, Allison Chao, Julie Clugage, Erin Crocker, Erin Grant, Jasmine Igtanloc, Raj Jain, Katrina Sitter, Casey Wynn

Committee Members

Nahid Aliniazee, Renee Barkley, Kerry Bischof, Lori Blanchard, Amy Burnett, Clare Corcoran, Victoria Cruikshank, Joyce Dickerson, Sarah Dorahy, Robbie Fang, Alissa Faris, Devon Gold, Maryam Haq-Rahman, Than Healy, Nina Herndon, Vidya Kagan, Angie Kauffman, Yohahn Ko, Pooja Kohli, Christina Larsen, Jennie Leavenworth, Erica McMullen, Arpan Nandani, Usha Nesamoney, Shayne Olson, Lara Pande, Melisa Pineda, Cat Porten, Houda Rahim, Lisa Rillamas, Susan Shih, Gina Skinner, Caroline Sung, Jennifer Sung, Jeana Toney, Heather Willis, Binny Wong


Auction Catalog 2022
Auction Catalog 2021

A Glimpse of Past Auctions

Through the years, we’ve gathered to have fun and support financial aid at auction evenings with a variety of colorful themes.