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Thank you for your gift to the Menlo School Annual Fund!

We strive for 100% participation in the Annual Fund by all members of our community because it demonstrates our collective belief in the mission of our school. It also sends a strong message of support and solidarity to both our internal and external communities.

Faculty and staff giving serves as a measure of support and confidence for Menlo School and inspires giving from the rest of our community.

Payroll deduction is an easy way to make a gift to the Annual Fund. If you would like to make an Annual Fund gift and have it deducted from your paycheck, fill out the payroll deduction form , sign it and return it to the Development Office. You can also sign it and send a scanned copy back to Casey Wynn at cwynn@menloschool.org .

If you have any questions, please contact Casey Wynn at cwynn@menloschool.org or extension 2545.

Thank you for your support and participation! 

2021-2022 Annual Fund Team
Frances Ferrell, JoAnn Meagher, Joe McDonald, Cara Plamondon, JT Toscano