Members of Menlo's vocal ensemble perform in the Creative Arts and Design Center.

Upper School Creative Arts

Vocal Music

Sing with Us!

You’ll learn musicianship and vocal skills while performing great music in a fun and supportive environment.

Our vocal music program features courses for all levels of performers and explores a wide range of repertoire.

A student sings during the Spring Vocal and Instrumental Music Concert.

Faculty and Staff

Upper School Vocal Music Course Offerings

Grade: 9

Embody Voice (FAX)


Discover your authentic voice through mindful movement, breathing, vocal technique and expression. This innovative class integrates music with storytelling to help you cultivate a deeper connection to your voice and narrative abilities. Whether you’re looking to sing, act, work on public speaking, or simply looking to enhance your communication skills, this course offers an outlet for personal growth and artistic expression.

Grade: 9101112

Knight Singers

This is a year-long course.

A performance based class that focuses on ensemble building, harmony and vocal technique, this course is designed for singers of all levels who are passionate about exploring a diverse range of musical styles and genres from the world of Broadway, classical and contemporary music. We will also explore music in an array of different languages, cultures, and traditions. This ensemble will have the opportunity to perform for various opportunities both for the Menlo community and special events beyond school. Whether you are a seasoned singer or just discovering your voice, this class is open to all levels.

Prerequisites: Previous experience in a vocal group is strongly recommended. 

Grade: 9101112

Musical Theater (1S)

This is a semester-long course is and is offered in the FALL only. 

This class is designed to tell stories through music with the goal of developing an awareness of emotional truth and connection. It is a performance-based course focused on the essential elements of musical theatre - music & drama. We will cover shows from the early days to today’s latest and greatest on Broadway, discovering how its history translates and relates to the hits of today. Students are encouraged to bring their own repertoire while also being open to learning something new. We will perform scenes from musicals and together create an end-of-semester ‘showcase’ to celebrate student’s achievements. Prior experience in vocal music & drama is encouraged but not necessary.

Grade: 9101112

Vocal Showcase (1S or 2S)

This is a semester-long course offered in FALL or SPRING. 

This course is designed to help you develop your unique vocal style, stage presence, and confidence as a performer. Through individual coaching and group sessions, you will learn essential techniques for singing, storytelling, and connecting with your audience. Class repertoire will include various styles from jazz, classical, and Broadway selections and will culminate with a showcase to celebrate your unique expression. Open to all levels.


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