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connect with something like that,
fear not! It is not at all uncommon for students to do myriad other things besides research. Students might find summer programs on college campuses to be enriching. Keep in mind, these programs
have value, but they are not a
point of demonstrated interest
since they are run by individual departments or sometimes outside organizations who rent the space
on a college campus. So my advice is to participate in these if you
have the funds and you like the content of the program, but not solely if you think it’ll enhance your chances of admissions at a particular institution. Working a summer job
is becoming less common, and it’s a shame because the life skills that come from a summer gig as
a lifeguard or in a restaurant or in retail are priceless. There is a lot
to be learned and be gained from working customer service and having fiscal responsibility, and
not to mention, it can be fun! I also hope that students know that family responsibilities at home, and I mean real responsibilities, have a place of importance here, too. If your student is responsible for getting dinner on the table every night or babysitting their younger sibling many hours a day, this should not be discounted.
Colleges are interested in your experiences over the summer
as it shapes who the student is intrinsically. During my years in admissions, we read about students who babysat, worked part-time (or full-time) jobs, traveled, conducted research, went backpacking, read
books, took classes, spent time with friends, attended sports camps, adopted a new hobby—you name
it! And I can tell you that there is
not a single activity that was valued more than the other. Should you do research even if you don’t like it? No! Is it ok if you work at a local ice cream shop instead of an internship at a Fortune 500 company? Yes! Either option has the potential to yield an amazing transformation in its own ways, and each opportunity brings new experiences and responsibilities while building character. Again, it’s what you’re doing with your time, and why. And I promise, each holds its own set of values.
*For more tips specific about summer prep for rising seniors, see last year’s May 2018 article by Bea Hodavdekar.

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