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the dead in the admissions process.
For students that are on pro le, or maybe just slightly o , ED can tip the needle for the student to get a close look, and ultimately—hopefully— make his or her way into the class.
It’s also okay not to apply ED.
A misconception among the senior class is that everyone applies ED. That’s not true. A lot do, but usually, only about half the class applies under a binding early program, for a
variety of reasons. Perhaps a student doesn’t have a clear  rst choice or they need to compare  nancial aid packages. Perhaps the colleges they like best don’t o er ED. For students in these situations, we work closely with them to develop a timeline
of when to apply to their colleges. With a few exceptions, we usually encourage these students to apply nonbinding Early Action to as many colleges as possible—as long as the student would actually consider
enrolling if accepted. In most cases, it is clear there is an advantage for these students to get their applications in during the earliest review possible.
One of the most challenging and exciting parts of being a college counselor is the changing landscape of the  eld. We work tirelessly to make sure we are up-to-date on the latest trends so we can best help our students and families through the nuances of the process.

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