Page 34 - Menlo Magazine Summer 2019
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 The Class of 2019 curated a senior show that represented the character and spirit of the class. It featured a tribute to the faculty and the School as well as student performances, presentations, and a final farewell.
“Thank you for helping us unlock the power of our minds.
Thank you for reminding us that there is more to life than grades.
And thank you for supporting us on the field, court, and stage.
Thank you for teaching us about parabolic graphs,
But thank you more for the conversations, the jokes, and the laughs.
Thank you for increasing our reading comprehension,
And thank you for giving us that last-minute extension.
But above everything else that we have learned from yourselves,
Thank you for being there at our most overwhelmed hour.
And thank you for showing us that knowledge is power.”
“Thank you so much for our Menlo educations. For believing in us enough to give us the privilege. Of learning, thinking, and experimentation. Thank you for holding us to high expectations. We promise that, not long from now,
We’ll be doing things beyond your wildest imaginations.”
—by Alexa Thomases ’19, selections from poetry shared during the Senior Celebration

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