Page 13 - Menlo Magazine: Summer/Fall 2018
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   Chloe Lai ’18
“I think arts can benefit STEM because creativity is essential in both areas, and no matter what you do, thinking outside the box and originality are important. Throughout high school, I processed my experiences through art, from something simple, such as just drawing diagrams to better understand what we were learning in class, to trying to capture my memories of special moments.”
Chloe played violin in the orchestra and jazz ensemble and was involved in studio art (painting) for all four years. She plans to study anthropology and art history in college.
  Sylvia Chen ’18
“Menlo provided opportunities for me to discover and explore my passion for design because it offers so many unique courses that are interdisciplinary and incorporate and explore the arts within a STEM course. From my experience in design, I have learned how valuable an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems is. With exposure to multiple subjects, you are able to bring a unique perspective and knowledge to problems. This is an incredibly valuable skill to have no matter what field you are working in.”
Sylvia took studio art, photography, dance, and design and architecture and was Editor-in-Chief and Design Editor of The Bard online magazine. She plans to study industrial design at the Pratt Institute.

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