Page 14 - Menlo Magazine: Summer/Fall 2018
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1) That’s Special: Hundreds of special-needs athletes and Menlo student volunteers took part in the 28th annual Special Olympics at
Cartan Field. 2) Right Royal: Than Healy, dressed as one of the queen’s guards, rallied the community for the annual auction in support of financial aid. 3) All That Jazz: Menlo’s Jazz Combo presented a lunchtime concert on the Quad. 4) Day on the Green: The yearbook team unveiled the keepsake publication on the last day of school. 5) A Field Day: Middle School students celebrated the end of the year with old-fashioned fun.
6) A Day at the Exploratorium: As part of 9th grade physics, the entire Class of ’21 explored the San Francisco museum. 7) On Top of the
World: The Class of ’23 bonded during its outdoor education trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. 8) Speaking Up: Middle School students launched a Public Speaking Club and local Toastmaster Philip Cosby served as a mentor. 9) M-BEST: Girls in grades 6-12 participated in a medical workshop. 10-11) MakerFest: Menlo students demonstrated their inventions and innovations for the community.

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