Page 53 - Menlo Magazine: Summer/Fall 2018
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   M E N L O M A G A Z I N E
English professors taught me so much about the elegance of the language. I owe a lot to Mr. Couey, Ms. Hyde, and Mr. Cole. In a sense, they remain with me every day. Bob Jones was an outstanding advisor to the student newspaper when I was the editor (did you know I changed the name of the paper to The Coat of Arms from The Oak and Acorn when we switched mascots to
the Knights?). He had complete trust in me, and I strove never to let him down.
Finally, I have to thank Al Klein, my basketball coach, for demonstrating the effect of a winning attitude. We finished 1-18, or 1-19, or whatever it was as seniors, yet we never considered ourselves losers
in any way. Much of what I learned from
him occurred off the basketball court
and actually after high school because
we became good friends—with some of
that teacher/student framework still in place. I don’t know what I would have done without Coach Klein in my life. He broadened my thinking with some valuable perspectives.
What advice can you offer Menlo’s current students and young alumni as they navigate young adulthood?
GO FOR IT! Whatever makes you curious or fires you up, check it out! But give it an honest effort. Don’t half-ass anything. And believe in your ability.
What do you want to do next in your career?
Though nobody reads books anymore, I’d like to at least double my total of books written. Willie McCovey doesn’t
Chris Haft ’77
know it yet, but I’d love to do something biographical about him. He’s an intriguing man who commands immense respect. I also hope to do a latter-day version of The Glory of Their Times, which was a collection of oral histories of ballplayers of the past.
I’ve always loved sports,
I’ve always loved to write, and most of my jobs have been a perfect marriage of the two.”

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