Basic Page Editing

If all you need to do is edit text on Web pages, learning how to use LiveWhale takes only a few minutes.

The First Step

Once you’re logged in, just click the “Edit Page” link in the top left corner of the page.  (You’ll only see the link if you’re authorized to edit the page— which of course you are in this demo— and if the page contains editable regions.)

Edit Page link

When you click the link, all the regions of the page marked editable will become, well, editable.  A toolbar appears at the top of the screen with the following icons:

Basic formatting   Basic text formatting
 Linking  Hyperlinks
 Styles  Styles (selection defined by CMS admin)
Block elements  Block elements (paragraph, headers, etc.)
List types   Remove formatting; basic list types
 Table  Table formatting

Text alignment

 Text alignment
 Add Images/Media  Add image(s), media, or widgets
Undo/redo   Undo/redo
 Edit HTML  Edit HTML

If you’re familiar with the WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE (which is used by WordPress as well as many other popular CMS products) then you’ll recognize most of these buttons.  But a few of them (in particular the buttons for adding images, media and widgets) are LiveWhale custom functions.