LiveWhale Calendar

Like most LiveWhale widgets, the Calendar accepts a number of arguments that give you control over how it works and presents events.

The following options are available for customizing the calendar’s behavior.  Options are set via arg elements within calendar widget tags.  Each element must contain an id with an option name, and the option’s corresponding value as its text.  For example, you can do the following to exclude the week view, and set the default view to “month.”

<widget type="events_calendar">
<arg id="default_view">month</arg>
<arg id="exclude_view">week</arg>

Valid view arguments include: day, week, month, all

Option Type Default Description
default_view string day View displayed when no view specified in url hash.
exclude_view string n/a Exclude a view from the calendar.  May be added more than once to exclude multiple views
month_view_day_limit int 2 The number of events to show per day on month-view.  Remaining days can be viewed via “more” link 
show_view_menu bool true Set to false to hide the view navigation tabs at the top of the calendar
show_sidebar bool true Set to false to hide the sidebar containing categories and tag.  Only relevant in non-modular mode
exclusive_categories bool false Changes the category select menu so that only one category may be selected at a time.  Also prepends “All” link to the menu.  Useful when using categories as a navigation
modular bool false When false, the entire calendar outputs in-place using its standard layout.  Enabling modular disables in-place output, and assigns components of the calendar to xphp variables.  Variables available to the modular calendar are described below.
mini_cal_heat_map bool false Enables highlighting of days that contain events in the mini-calendar


Modular Components:

In modular mode, components of the calendar may be inserted into a page using the xphp variables below.

  • lw_calendar
    main calendar area, includes the body and header of the currently selected calendar.
  • lw_calendar_view_menu
    menu for selecting calendar’s view
  • lw_calendar_search
    search form and wrapper
  • lw_calendar_categories
    category selection menu
  • lw_calendar_tags
    tags selection menu
  • lw_calendar_subscribe
    button that toggles the display of calendar feeds