Logging In

The login process for LiveWhale is really easy. Users simply visit (or follow a link to) the /livewhale/ directory, enter their username and password, and start working. It’s that simple.

Sign-on options

There are three built-in models for authenticating users in LiveWhale.

  1. By default, LiveWhale will use its own built-in authentication scheme. Usernames and passwords are stored in the LiveWhale database (passwords encrypted), and the login functionality is database driven.
  2. LiveWhale can be configured to adopt an existing LDAP server for its authentication. In this case, the LDAP connectivity options should be provided, as well as a base DN identifying users who should be allowed access to LiveWhale.
  3. Also, SSOs are supported. With this option, a CMS directory is protected using the SSO, and LiveWhale uses the authentication credentials inherited by the external SSO login for access.

Most of our customers bring existing LDAP or SSO setups to the table, and LiveWhale can be easily configured to work with what you’re already using for single sign-on.