Support, Upgrades, Developer Community

Every LiveWhale client gets free, unlimited email tech support as part of the basic LiveWhale license.  Our software is really easy to use, but if you’ve got a problem, just drop a line to and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours.*

Customer support is a joint effort.

Most of LiveWhale’s customers want to provide tech support to their users themselves.  (Often it’s Web Services or the IT help desk that does this.)  That’s great; it’s good for your users to have people they can talk to face-to-face about any issues they’re having.  Many of our clients do CMS training and support drop-in office hours; that works great for them.  

But your users are free to write to too (and we do get requests every once in a while from people who are trying to upload their PDFs).

Our staff is just part of the picture.

The spirit of our CMS is that the developers who use and support it on a daily basis are just as smart as the people who maintain and support it, and we all ought to be able to work together to make LiveWhale a great resource for everyone in higher ed who’s got content to manage.

So our network of developers at colleges and universities around the country are a part of the LiveWhale family, and are an important support resource too.  We invented LiveWhale, and we maintain the core codebase, but our developers work with users on a day-to-day basis, and are a great resource for everyone using LiveWhale.

Got users that are having a hard time getting used to working without editorial control?  Lindsey at Lake Forest College has been there. Need to build a custom admissions site? Jon at Angelo State designed and built the secondary site, using content funneled through a group in their main site. Want to present course content? Well, we have three to help you there.

Support documentation

There’s lots of documentation available at, our comprehensive support site.  If you’re trying to figure out how to do something in LiveWhale, the answer’s probably there. 

* We say 24 hours because, well, you know, we don’t want to overpromise— if you email us at 10pm on a Friday night you might not hear back until Saturday. But during business hours our response time is usually under an hour.